And I’d Do It Again

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A memoir by Aimee Crocker, daughter of E.B. and Margaret Crocker.

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Aimee Crocker (1863-1941) was an heiress to gold and railroad fortunes and a daughter of Judge Edwin B. Crocker and Margaret Crocker. E.B. Crocker was an abolitionist, legal counsel for the Central Pacific Railroad, Justice of the California Supreme Court in 1865 and founder of the Crocker Art Museum. Aimee's mother, Margaret, was beloved by the Sacramento community and given the moniker “Lady Bountiful” for her generosity to the city and its people. It was she who donated the then-Crocker Art Gallery to the city of Sacramento in 1885.

Due to her inherited wealth, Aimee lived life her way, traveling the world, spending lavishly, marrying five times and conducting countless other affairs. She was not always a proper lady, but she could afford to be whomever she wished. She drank with Oscar Wilde, attended moonlight seances in Honolulu, escaped from assasins, and earned herself the nickname the Queen of Bohemia. And I'd Do It Again is her memoir, originally published in 1936.

2010 Reprint of 1936 First Edition.
ISBN 9781578988891