Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary

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In a work that is both scholarly and luminous, deaf art historian and Gallaudet University Professor Emeritus Deborah Sonnenstrahl shows the contributions to the visual arts of deaf artists in America. Through profiles of the artists' lives and stunning selections of their work, Sonnenstrahl paints her own picture of a group of artists that was often challenged, marginalized, and even oppressed, but nevertheless inspired to create.

From the well-to-do sons of prominent colonial families to the strong deaf community of today's artists, Deaf Artists in America not only uncovers the beauty of artistic achievement, but spans the creation and recognition of a language (American Sign Language), culture, and a thriving minority group with its unique artistic expression and art movements. Along the way Sonnenstrahl's extensive knowledge, innate skill for educating, and frank-hearted appreciation for art offer both the frequent museum goer and the novice art lover a delightful experience.

About the author:

Deborah Sonnenstrahl taught Art History and Museum Studies for 32 years. In that time, her teachings have enriched the minds of thousands of eager students who have gained an appreciation of art history and an understanding of how deaf artists have influenced Deaf culture. Currently she acts as a consultant, advisor, panelist, and judge for numerous national organizations and museums including the American Association of Museums and the Smithsonian Institution. She also works as a Museum and Art Exhibition Docent and has served on the Art Forum Planning Committee at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

by Deborah Sonnenstrahl
hardcover, 7½ x 10½ in.
423 pages, color photographs
DawnSign Press
ISBN 9781512105070