Drawing & Painting Portraits & Figures

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Learn to depict the human form in pencil, charcoal, pastels, water paints, acrylics, oils and gouache, with expert step-by-step tutorials.

Human figures and faces have always dominated art. This practical book offers budding artists the chance to learn the art of drawing and painting the human body. Tutorials provide knowledge of the human skeletal structure and muscles, skin and hair texture, expressions, movement and postures. In the projects, experienced artists work from life models and photographs using various media, including pencil and charcoal, water paints, gouache, acrylics and oils, while galleries of art offer readers insight into how artistic techniques are employed by professional artists. More than 800 photographs make it easy to follow each tutorial, and the book is guaranteed to enthuse students and give them the confidence to express their unique vision and artistic style.

by Sarah Hoggett and Vincent Milne
Hardcover, 10.6 x 8.2 in.
Lorenz Books
ISBN 9780754835165