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“Young MacDonald had a farm. But when the animals started flip-flappin’ out, he packed up his herd, headed to the big city, and let their creativity roam free. Will the animals—including Pablo Porkcasso, Andy Warhoof, Frida Cowlo, and Quackson Pollock—make a mess or a masterpiece?”

This wonderful book written by Sacramento author Mari Tzikas Suarez and illustrated by Sacramento native Nuri Amanatullah is a treat for all ages.

8.5” tall x 11” wide
Hard cover
32 pages
ISBN 9780578484518

About the author:
Mari Tzikas Suarez is a professional writer who lives in Sacramento, California, with her husband Dominic and two children, Nikolas and Eleni. E-I-E-I-ART is Mari's first published picture book and is inspired by her love of art history, which was cultivated by her time living in some of the best art destinations in the world, including New York City, Paris, and San Francisco.

Fun Mac Fact: She wrote her first children's book at the age of six. It began: “ouns upon a time ther wus a prity horse named nut. it wus a wite horse.” (Apparently, she's had a penchant for writing about farm animals for a very long time.)

About the illustrator:
Also a Sacramento native, Nuri Amanatullah is an illustrator, designer, and muralist who lives in sunny Southern California with his wife, Kelsey. Nuri's love for art started at an early age when he was inspired by reading comics, exploring animation and visiting both art and natural history museums-all things he still enjoys doing today. E-I-E-I-ART is Nuri's first published picture book.

Fun Mac Fact: Nuri and Kelsey have 6 pets-two Australian Cattle dogs, two cats, and two lovebirds -which means sometimes they feel like they're living in a barn!