Mark Dean Veca: 20 Years

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MARK DEAN VECA: TWENTY YEARS is a deluxe oversized coffee table book which reveals the evolution of work by the respected multimedia artist—including vibrant paintings and drawings, all-immersive psychedelic exhibition spaces and limited edition pieces. Veca's colorful, dynamic paintings pop off the page in bright red, orange and turquoise hues, with curvaceous lines inspired by the underground comic world. His work incorporates everything from pop culture references like Tony the Tiger and Scrooge McDuck to Americana elements like the Lincoln Memorial to the American Flag; to religious iconography including skulls, Buddhas and Ganeshas—all filtered through his own gaze.

Hardcover – Cloth with paper jacket
11.25 x 11.25″ (28.5 x 28.5cm)
168 pages
145 color plates

Text by Shana Nys Dambrot and Carlo McCormick
Edition of 1,000
ISBN 978-1-937222-23-9