Tim Lazer Globe Paperweight

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Blown glass paperweights by local artist Tim Lazer



These beautiful blown glass paperweights will look stunning on your desk, in a window, or under a spotlight in your home. Made by local glass artist Tim Lazer.

Each globe is approximately 3″ in diameter. Because each paperweight is hand made, it is unique and may be slightly different than pictured.

About the artist:
Tim Lazer approaches his art with a love for the medium, a gifted technique, and the knowledge that the fugitive nature of hot glass will forever present a challenge. As he attempts to control what might be considered an uncontrollable medium, the direction of his designs often evolve and take new forms.

Lazer's love for the medium of glass began more than forty years ago at Palomar College in southern California. During his early years, Lazer often spent sixty hours a week over the furnace to learn and perfect the techniques he uses today in the off-hand glass blowing process. These techniques allow him to create specific glass shapes by using multiple layers of glass, often using glass powers and precious metals which are effused or melted onto the glass surface to achieve different effects.

Working in his Sacramento studio, Lazer focuses on combining beauty and function to produce vases, bowls, perfume bottles, paperweights, platters, and ornaments. His unique designs with their fusion and layering of color inspire the essential aesthetic quality he impresses upon his art with the Lazer signature.

Tim Lazer's work is exhibited and sold in fine art galleries and museums across the United States and in Europe.